We use the best quality tungsten carbide nibs sourced from Kennametal, Sandvik Hyperion, and other globally reputed nib manufacturers.

Our selected nibs comprise fine-grain (one micron or lesser) tungsten and six percent cobalt for all wire drawing applications. In special cases, we use nibs with a higher percentage of cobalt. We choose tungsten carbide nibs of hardness between 1600 and 2100 HV30 based on the drawing application and or customer demand. We offer both DIN and ISO standard tungsten carbide nibs.

Our own designed and manufactured, high-speed, state-of-the-art ensures that each die is uniformly ground with blended profiles and the mirror polished with good roundness.

Fissure in Sandstone

Our quality assurance department uses stereo microscopes for visual inspection and Conoptica to ensure accurate size, close tolerances on reduction angle, and bearing length.

Our tungsten carbide dies are durable and give long life because of the right selection of raw materials, proper mounting, and accurate geometry as per customer specifications.

We also create specification charts after comprehensive discussions with new customers or applications. We maintain a robust stock of raw materials to ensure quick deliveries.

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Fissure in Sandstone

We supply tapered TC inserts as per customer drawings and demand in the range of 0.500 to 15 mm.

We use the best quality tungsten carbide nibs from globally reputed manufacturers.

Our controlled manufacturing process and quality assurance ensure that each die comes with an ordered profile and contains the highest polishing.

Our finished taper inserts are tested for high speeds of around 27 meters/second for hard metal drawing applications.

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