Fissure in Sandstone
MTCHA 10/20/30

We offer a complete solution for manufacturing, repairing, and resizing tungsten carbide dies. Our machines are robust, powerful, precision-engineered, and operator-friendly.

Depending on the customer's need, we have different models to cover the entire size range and output required per shift or day.

Our horizontal and vertical die-working machines are specially designed to work both the reduction angle and bearing portions of the die in a single setting of the machine. This will ensure concentric die profiles.

Our bearing formation machine is unique and designed to quickly work on the die bearing length and make the final die size with a super finish to a good round. Reciprocating the action of the spindle with the combination of ultrasonic power will accelerate stock removal and uniform finishing. Excellent straight bearing lengths are formed with ease. This machine drastically reduces the hard manual work of the highly skilled operator.

Our horizontal-type needle grinding machine is used for grinding accurate angles on hardened steel and special wooden needles. This grinder is used in combination with TC and diamond die working equipment to achieve accurate die angles.

Our pneumatic hand polish machine is used to achieve mirror polishing on TC Dies in an easy way. This machine is designed taking into consideration the safety of the operator.

We have machines for the entire drawing range from 0.500 to 100.00 mm

Fissure in Sandstone
S.No. Model Type Application Size range
1 MTCA10 Vertical, Semi-Automatic Reduction cone and Bearing formation 0.50 to 15.00mm
2 MTCHA10 Horizontal, Semi-Automatic Reduction cone and Bearing formation 1.00 to 10.00mm
3 MTCHA20 Horizontal, Semi-Automatic Reduction cone and Bearing formation 1.00 to 20.00mm
4 MTCHA30 Horizontal, Semi-Automatic Reduction cone and Bearing formation 5.00 to 100.00mm
5 MTCBRG 8 Vertical, Semi-Automatic Bearing formation and Final size 1.00 to 8.00mm
6 MTCGA Horizontal Grinder Needle angle grinding 0-30 degrees
7 MTCPHP Vertical Automatic Mirror polishing of Die profile 0.20 to 30.00mm
Fissure in Sandstone