We design and manufacture different types of solid enameling dies with PCD, natural diamond, or tungsten carbide tips. The range is 0.200 – 6.00 mm.

The precisely designed die geometry and accurate size ensure uniform enamel coating on the wire surface. The mirror-polished die geometry, coupled with the matching inner body design allows a continuous and super smooth flow of enamel, which gives a smooth surface and ensures no pin holes or blisters on the magnet wire (enameled wire).

The range of enameling dies includes dies with bodies designed for any make's vertical and horizontal enamel coating machines. For special applications, the design team interacts with customers and customizes the profiles and body as per drawings and specifications. Enamel dies are supplied with steel, aluminum, brass bodies, or any other body type as per customer specifications.

Our enameling dies are ideal for running at a VD factor of up to 100. We also recondition or repolish used enameling dies.